The Future? of the Adyar Theosophical Society



The Voice of Stagnation


Dave Marsland



As a vehicle for promoting Theosophy, it has been clear

for decades that the Adyar Theosophical Society in its

current form is not fit for purpose.





The Fall of Adyar


Adyar says nothing to us ordinary folk

Dismisses the members as if theyíre a joke

Keeps everything secret and says not a word

With a self importance that is frankly absurd


Thereís plenty of international swanning about

And mutual appreciation while timeís running out

They will be astounded to learn one sunny day

That the last of their members has just walked away




So the race is on, although many of the members have still to hear who the candidates are and will only be informed at the pleasure of the national leaderships. The real issue in the election is not of course the leadership of the Theosophical Society but the control of the Adyar Headquarters and its administration which operates against a background of secrecy, unaccountability and anonymity. This issue has been simmering for decades but has been kept quiet by an Adyar inner circle who protect their position and collaborators in the national section leaderships who creep to them. Even within the Indian Section itself, concerns over the control of the Adyar Headquarters are now being raised.


Have the elite nominated candidates of the elite for the elite? It may not matter as the current form of the Adyar Theosophical Society may be finished anyway as members continue to walk out. The two presidential candidates are little known outside the international Theosophical elite and their own countries, and if either has raised the subject of declining membership or communication with the membership then it has only been within the elite inner circle. The leadership has always appeared to regard any concept of membership involvement as subversive and a threat to its power, and genteel self image. The recent reference to the membership as BALLAST confirms not only the leadershipís indifference but also indicates, as the statement comes so close to the presidential candidate announcement, that those candidates may well have been chosen because they believe in keeping the members in their place. In this case, they will of course be a bit more diplomatic about it than calling the members ballast.



Rather than ignoring a decline in membership that will eventually prove fatal, the

leadership could have thrown open the subject to members for debate and suggestions.

The ruling elite would rather let the Theosophical Society die out than

involve the members.


A Theosophical Society with a remote, secretive and self referential leadership combined with a falling membership fails to meet the challenge of the modern era and Theosophy will soon be moving forward without it. This leadership election, with its secrecy and stodgy procedure, simply highlights 80 years of stagnation and it is yet to be seen if there is a radical agenda for change or even an agenda for change.

If any change was on the way from the top then we would probably have heard about it long before now and there may therefore be nothing better on offer than further stagnation leading to extinction.


Certainly the need for the Adyar Headquarters or even any international headquarters is being questioned. But need it stop there? Can the Society dispense with not only an international headquarters but also with an international hierarchy. After all, only representatives of twenty out of about sixty countries bothered to show up at the 2013 Adyar International Convention, so the winding down process must already be well under way with sections allocating resources elsewhere. It is now fair to ask just many sections outside India remain in the Adyar supporters club.



The majority of members worldwide have access to the internet.

Lodges and National Sections could relay Adyar news on a regular basis

to those who donít. The Adyar elite feel that the concept of communicating

directly with members is threatening and would open up areas of

debate that they want to keep closed.




Alternative organisational models may have to be considered soon anyway as membership falls and the Adyar Theosophical Society stares extinction in the face. The existing leadership would have done something to reverse the decline if they had the will to do so. Rather than creating a thriving inclusive global society they have preferred to create an exclusive club, resisting new ideas, riddled with nepotism and a hereditary tradition, and able to promote only their own interests rather than Theosophy. There is no point in looking to a leadership that has failed to act since the 1930s and sections must look to themselves to remedy the situation at local level.


Local initiative must by implication involve the general membership as the top down Adyar model never has. Energy would be directed where it is most needed by people on the spot and not drained by a moribund centralised hierarchical system that has never taken the membership seriously. This need not preclude international events but these would take place on a co-operation basis between alliances of independent Theosophical groups. Having dispensed with a central authority and international hierarchy, members would feel ownership of the organisation which was really theirs in the first place.


While the Society still exists as a single entity, it may yet salvage something from nothing with this election. For those not happy to vote for the status quo by voting for either candidate, it would not be too much trouble to add another option to the ballot paper in the form of a question relating to the separation of their own section from Adyar. This need not affect the election of one of the candidates but it would encourage both candidates to present realistic proposals for reforming and reviving the Adyar Theosophical Society.




Dave Marsland


Posted January 14th 2014


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Donít Just Do Nothing

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International Election Protocol

This is only an idea for consideration but if the Theosophical elite

continue to treat the members with the current levels of indifference and

contempt for the duration of this election then the Adyar Theosophical

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The Secrecy

The secrecy with which the Adyar Theosophical Society

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Is this secrecy for its own sake or are some serious

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Burnier Town Hall

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The Great Election


Silence by elected management cheats

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Keeping the International Headquarters at Adyar

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The International President


The General Council

An idea for consideration



What is Behind the


of the

Theosophical Elite?

The Adyar Theosophical Society ruling elite denies

members the right to be consulted on issues and the

ability to convey their views directly to the leadership.

Why does the leadership of an organisation

treat its members like this in the modern era?



Towards a New Model for Theosophy

The Adyar Theosophical Society Leadership

now isolates itself within a cult of superiority

while the Society evaporates around it.

A Theosophical Society can survive but not

in the current format.



Choose a Stooge

When the Issues are Huge

Is this what is on offer to the Adyar Theosophical

Society's paying members from a ruling elite

that has a different agenda from that of the Society?




This election is really inconvenient for the leadership, isnít it?

Why are the members being hustled into blind voting?

What are the leadershipís post-election plans?



Members No Longer Members

of their Own Society

An inter-regnum in the presidency, during which

matters are discussed, is the only course of action

with a chance of saving the Adyar Theosophical

Society as a unified body.



Now Hereís Something Worth

Keeping Quiet About

Are there plans to sell Adyar without

consulting the members?



Is There Hidden

Bad News?

A leadership shutdown combined with a total

news blackout suggests a serious hidden issue

and an intense fear of revealing it.



Control Adyar or

You Control Nothing

Is the self imposed isolation of the General Council effectively

a mass resignation as they have found, after the death of

Radha Burnier, that establishing control of Adyar is too difficult?



A Manifesto

Well Done! CVK Maithreya



Elected Representation

Not Representing

Silence is Killing the Adyar Theosophical Society.

The presidential candidates are as much victims of the

General Councilís silence rule as are the members.

The silence rule also seeks to establish General Council

control over the future president.



Make Way for the Messiahs

Have the Esoteric Section and the

General Council merged into one body?



Does Silence Mean

Game Over

for the Adyar Theosophical Society?

CVK Maithreya presented plans for the future, in

defiance of General Council instructions.

Does suppression of discussion mean that the

Adyar Theosophical Society doesnít have a future?



Accountable Leadership Urgently Required

The General Council has abused its power

by putting itself beyond accountability.

A new leadership is needed, and fast.



Anybody There?

No Information,

Discussion forbidden,

No replies to questions.

Do the members still have a Society?



Canít Change

Wonít Change

Those who have kept the Society time warped

in the 1930s now have the task of introducing

reform and they obviously donít want to do it.



Beggars at the Door

Left sitting out in the cold and starved of information,

members now realise how the General Council regards them


Why not include this picture in any information request to General Council

officers as an indication of how members feel they are being treated.

Or just send the picture anyway.



From The Top Down

The Adyar Theosophical Society is decades

out of date and desperately in need of reform

starting with getting rid of a leadership that

refuses to be accountable to the members.



Who Owns Adyar?




The Royal Court of Radha Burnier



General Council Meeting 2013 Minutes




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A Society Without Leadership

Nobody sees it, Nobody hears from it

Is it hiding somewhere? Does it exist?



Who will Believe It?

Even if the presidential election is correct and above board,

the confidence in the General Council has fallen so low

that members wonít believe it.



Supporting Adyar?

Havenít members been cheated for long enough?






Long Tradition of


at Adyar

Preethi Muthiah has highlighted an endemic problem at Adyar,

which the General Council has ignored for many years.

There are still no plans implement a grievance procedure and

Anti-bullying policy at Adyar.



Summary Dismissal

Of lady over 70 from her job at Adyar



True Purpose of the

2014 Election

What the paying members want has little to do with

this election, as the silence and lack of information show.

The real purpose of this election is for the General Council

to deliver the candidate that the Adyar ruling elite wants.



What Makes this Election Invalid?




After the Election



Was Your Vote Counted?

Was your vote forwarded to Adyar?

Was the election actually held?

Against a background of silence, a court case and

allegations of irregularities, these are fair questions.



Not Being at Adyar

Well, itís much easier than being a real president



Democracy in the Adyar Theosophical Society




11,432 Votes

Is That All?



No Right To Complain

Well, what can you expect in an organisation where

the leadership regards the membership as ballast

Doubts about the integrity of the election

are left unresolved, rendering the result invalid.





Presidentís Inauguration

A Private Function

Elite Welcome

The Ballast now know their true status



Pray Silence

While the President Creeps into Office



Itís Silence as Usual

By the Adyar Theosophical Society ruling elite.

No hurry to prove the election result

But a real hurry to get the president installed



Who Can Support

The Leadership Now?



Shut Up & Pay Up

The Adyar Theosophical Society has become

a multi-level marketing operation





Doubts about the election result will

make the Presidentís job impossible.



Adyar & the US each have

Half a President



The White Lotus Hi-Jack

President uses White Lotus Day

as a personal platform.

What was the inauguration for?



Donít Anybody

Ask Me Anything

Thatís the clear message from the

International President to the members.






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resources by a two job president



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The Adyar Payments Scam



Why Did

The 2014 Election

Go Ahead?

The General Council was confronted with considerable

evidence that the election was bent but just stood there

and let it go ahead.



The Great Giveaway

What right did the General Council have to give away

control of the Adyar Theosophical Society?






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